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About Gohiggs Private Limited We provide social network service all over the world.
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YORO offers all the features of all popular social media apps, but with a very different approach to many unspoken problems while you socialize online. Share Photos/Videos, Schedule Stories.

This is Our Team

We are small but effective!

Dhruv Bhanawat
19 year old entrepreneur. Trying to build a solution for the future. Loves tech & design.

Kapil Mehta
Known as silent hacker. Loves troubleshooting. Lives and breathes coding & technology

Nitesh Yadav
An IIT-IIM pedigree.
10+ years of experience. Worked with Digital product leaders - ESPN & PokerStars.

Priyank Garg
IIT Pedigree .
10+ years of experience in technology. Deep understating of the pain-points & remedies of startup.

Punit babel
Qualifications say CA
but loves finance management. Currently handling the financial aspects of a hospitality company worth 100+ cr.

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